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Deep tissues to mild comforting zen massages blended with aroma therapy to alleviate muscular injuries. I also use the Thai massage techniques for a more dynamic experience to help improve muscular flexibility which in turn is necessary for preventing injuries. Hot stones and hot towels are available upon request. Being a graduate from the Equinox Academy. I learned physiology, kinesiology and also received a few other certifications.I understand the human body. Let me give a little info about myself...More - I provide clients with the very best treatment to suit their needs. As a current trainer and Boxing coach I have learned that all bodies have different needs. I’ve been in sports for the majority of my life/career. Now as a coach I’m responsible for properly and safely guiding athletes and their bodies to the next level.I’ve experienced the feeling of working towards life goals, and how physically and mentally stressful it can all be. I strive at doing my job well, because I take pride delivering a service which aids to help others in recovering their bodies and prepares them to take on the day’s challenges. I’m always willing to listen to help figure out what is the best fit for my clients - and I put great effort in all my work. Thank you so much!


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120 min (Incall): $160

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120 min (Outcall): $145

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