Professional Relaxation

By Satomi

From $180

Newport Beach, CA

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10 a.m. - 10 p.m. every day


This is satomi. I provide high quality body work. if you have back pain, shoulder pain I can take your pain away or just need to relax, I can take care of you. A full body massage can release endorphins that act as a natural pain reliever and relieve stress, depression and anxiety and all can be relieved effectively through massage and improve of quality of sleep, sense of well-being, increased energy levels, higher concentration and reduced signs of fatigue...More. Plus many health benefits included of improve and treat tendons, muscles, ligaments and skin. Full body massage is to relieve pain, improve tone and stimulate blood circulation and supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and releases accumulated toxins and blood flow and introduce balance and harmony to all the organs system. Please text me your information. Your name and your phone number and what city you live in. Thank you and see you soon.


Satomi's signature massage

120 min (Incall): $220

60 min (Outcall): $180

120 min (Outcall): $200

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Mon: 0700 - 1900

Tue: 0700 - 1900

Wed: 0700 - 1900

Thu: 0700 - 1900

Fri: 0700 - 1900

Sat: 0700 - 1900

Sun: 0700 - 1900


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Chair massage
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