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Atlanta, GA

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Get a monthly mobile massage subscription to feel your sex-iest self. Massage is the only therapy that can smooth and lengthen your body. When ligaments and muscles are tight, this inhibits the ability of chiropractic work, stretching and exercise. When your muscles are not flexible and equally lengthened and you attempt to strengthen or stretch, the affect is an unequal stretch of the area of ligaments and muscles fiber. You will create a pull in the insertion points, and this...More will stretch the area in random spots, while other spots in the same fiber are not stretched. Over time, without utilizing massage as part of your regular health routine, the areas that do stretch begin to lose elasticity while the areas that never get stretched remain tight. This causes injuries, that develop into a worse issue over time. During massage, the therapist can manually, through deep tissue and neuromuscular massage, stretch all fibers equally. You can then have more longevity, as well as less pain, without postural imbalance. Massage is an important and necessary part of a health care routine. Just as eating well and brushing your teeth are.


Candace's signature massage

120 min (Incall): $150

60 min (Outcall): $200

120 min (Outcall): $250


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Hot Stone
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